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Wed October 16 2019

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Rotrex Winches

0845 168 5871

Formerly known as LGH Group, Rotrex is a UK-based business providing winching and facade access services to construction, industrial, utilities and facilities management customers.

When that lifting or pulling problem is out of the ordinary - Rotrex Winches provides the answer.

Rotrex Winches provides the specialist equipment whether its a 100 tonne winch or 30 tonne Goliath Gantry Crane as well as project management, planning etc.

Unlike standard lifting tackle, Rotrex Winches Specialist Equipment demands a greater level of technical support to the customer from the supplier - support on planning, site inspection, transport, method statement, risk assessment, training, cost benefit analysis.

Installation, repairs & service cover and a whole lot more.

Rotrex OnSite manages the maintenance of building facade access equipment for companies who need to strike the balance between providing safe working conditions and legal compliance with cost effective, hassle-free service.

Rotrex OnSite can help you with the following products:

BMU's (building maintenance units) - powered & manual

Access cradles

Monorail systems

Travelling ladders


Portable jibs

Latchway mansafe systems

Pushlock eyebolts

Traditional eyebolts

Mobile deadweight man anchors

The Rotrex product range consists of:

Hoisting Equipment, Pulling & Winching Equipment, General Tackle, Safety Equipment

Jacking Equipment, Cable Handling Equipment,

Access & Handling Equipment, Man Riding Equipment, Load Measurement Equipment and Power Packs, Base Mounted Winches, Trailer Winches, Air Winches, Air Hoists, Gantry Cranes, Powerpacks, Cable Blowing, Cable Drum Trailers, Modular Winches, Hand Winches, Cable Assist Winches, Lightweight Capstan Winches, Open Capstan Winches, Diesel Hydraulic Drum Winches, Twin Bull Wheel Diesel Hydraulic Winches, Cable Drum Trailers, Powered Cable Drum Trailers, Pipe Coil Trailers, Colt 5 Hydraulic Wicnhes, TR2 Diesel Winches, CC15 Electric Winches, ZW17 Hydraulic Winches, MS30 Hydraulic Winches, HB25 Hydraulic Winches, NE40 Hydraulic Winches, AN50 Hydraulic Winches, SP50 & SP60 Hydraulic Winches, SKAGIT MD97 Diesel Winches, NE200 Hydraulic Winches, Diesel Hydrualic Powerpacks, Zone 2 Diesel Hydraulic Powerpacks and Zone 2 Electro-Hydraulic Powerpacks.

Our exculsive winch brands include:

Thompson Winches, Colt Winches, Wharton Winches, OMAC Winches and Ingersoll Rand Winches.

All of our equipment is available for hire or sales, we also provide a full inspection and training services.

Former trading names: Nim Winches, LGH Winches, Nim Suspended Access, LGH OnSite

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