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Fri June 05 2020

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S & H Coatings Limited

0845 128 9842

S&H Coatings Limited was formed shortly after the turn of the millenium and brought together more than 30 years experience in the industrial paint spraying, cleaning and restoration industry.

We have an enviable reputation in this sector which has led us to work for a wide range of customers ranging from individual companies to large international concerns. We frequently work, for example, for the major supermarket chains such as Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda.

All our customers whether large or small enjoy the same courteous, efficient and timely service. It is this commitment to excellence that has earned us our first class reputation.

S&H Coatings Limited is based in Nottinghamshire in the heart of England. From here we control our service on a nationwide basis. We can and regularly do cover all areas of the UK.

Our Services inculde:

Suspended Ceiling Cleaning, Suspended Ceiling Restoration, Exterior Cladding Cleaning, Exterior Surface Restoration, Multi-Storey Car Park Decorating, Window and Door Frame Cleaning, Window and Door Frame Restoration, Exterior Brick Cleaning, Exterior Stone Cleaning, Roof Tile Cleaning, Exterior Block Paving Cleaning, Full Painting, Decorating, Fire Proofing, Open Cell Ceiling Re-coating, Suspened Mineral Fibre Ceiling Re-coating, Suspended Ceiling Cleaning, Suspended Metal Pan Ceiling Re-Coating, Exterior Cladding Cleaning, Surface Restoration, Exterior Cladding Re-coating, Aluminium Window Frame Cleaning and Restoration, Powder Coated Window Frame Re-coating, Shop Front Cleaning and Restoration, Exterior Brick and Stone Restoration, Polycarbonate Walkways and Car Park Furniture Restoration, Electrostatic Spraying.

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Tel: 0845 128 9842

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