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Thu August 22 2019

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Sash UK Limited

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Sash UK Ltd is a specialist in the design, fabrication and installation of bespoke glazed structures with a variety of applications in construction sectors such as Leisure and Hospitality, Education, Health and Commercial.

The company has been successfully supplying the window and conservatory industry in the UK for 40 years, and their team of designers and fabricators has completed many prestigious projects both nationally and in the USA. This has given Sash UK the specialist skills that qualify them to undertake projects in this field of any scale and complexity.


� large span conservatories

� glazed roofs

� glazed canopies

� atria

� bespoke glazed structures

Working mainly in aluminium, structures can be created in a prefabricated form which are easily transported and reassembled on site with minimum plant requirement. This has obvious advantages in refurbishment projects where access is limited or the site elevated, or where disruption to existing commercial or educational activity needs to be minimized.

A choice of glazing systems are available to suit the nature of the project and to ensure cost-effectiveness.

The service

working from outline scheme drawings or a design brief, Sash can:

� design the structure and glazing envelope to suit the project requirements

� provide structural calculations

� carry out site surveys

� manufacture and install the complete prefabricated building complete with CDM and COSHH compliance.

The applications:

� glazed extensions, retaining natural light to existing facilities

� covering open areas

� enclosing outdoor swimming pools

� covering transit areas

� enclosing redundant areas or courtyards

� rooftop extensions

� creating architectural glazed features

Sector examples:

Leisure, Hospitality: Function rooms, Dining rooms; Swimming Pool enclosures; Smoking Shelters; Canopies

Education: Classroom extensions; Courtyard enclosures; Playground Canopies; Walkways

Commercial, Retail: Large Rooflights; Canopies; Walkways

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