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Scotdeck is the leading specialist stockist in steel deck flooring.

During the past decade we have established an unrivalled reputation for customer service, quality products, expert advice, fast delivery and competitive pricing.

We carry a large stock of all the leading profiles (ComFlor 51, ComFlor 70, ComFlor 80 etc) which can be supplied to your exact specifications within a guaranteed turnaround of 2-3 working days (or same day if collected).

Fastdeck is our distribution depot in Northamptonshire which can supply all standard lengths of decking from stock, again with an assured two-three working day delivery time.

ComFlor 51:

Is a traditional dovetail re-entrant composite floor deck. This profile provides an excellent mechanical key into the concrete slab, offering a strong shear bond performance, which is augmented by cross stiffeners located in the profile trough. ComFlor 51 presents a virtually flat soffit and a relatively thin slab is required to meet fire design requirements.

ComFlor 70:

Is designed for optimum performance in span capacity, economy, composite performance and concrete usage. The economy and spanning capacity of a trapezoidal profile is combined with the interlocking shear performance of a re-entrant to give major performance advantages.

ComFlor 80:

Is manufactured from high grade 440 steel and Corus Panels and Profiles are the only deck manufacturer in the UK to produce composite profiles in a grade of this quality. This high grade of steel together with the large corner curvature detail, provides an efficient profile which can reach impressive spans. The deck has unpropped spans of 4.5 metres and in the continuous condition, spans of 5 metres can be achieved. In turn, this reduces the number of structural steel components that are required, and so reduces overall costs of floor construction.

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