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Wed October 16 2019

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Sealability Ltd

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Established in 1989, Sealability has steadily grown into a major specialist contractor and has diversified, in line with customer demand, to offer specialist services in concrete repair, diamond drillings, mastic pointing and waterproofing.

Sealability principally operates throughout England and Wales and has developed its customer base on excellent service, teamwork and partnership. Through strong, forward thinking management, Sealability has been able to provide the flexibility which the increase diversity of its clients has demanded, operating as a main contractor or sub contractor as required.

Concrete repair, diamond drilling, masting pointing and waterproofing services are a broad umbrella covering various works including but not restricted to concrete repair and grouting, diamond drilling and sawing, sealants and mastic pointing, structural waterproofing, specialist main contracting and refurbishment, site surveys and testing, Sika 1 tanking and leak sealing, water proof membranes, waterproof coating, leak sealing, carbon fibre plate reinforcing, remedial wall ties, floor coating, floor toppings, concrete finishing and resurfacing, epoxy floor paints, grouting, resin injection, crack repairs, over banding, dust free vaporised shot blasting, dust proofing, draft proofing, silane treatments, protective coatings and Pavix environmentally friendly protection treatment.

Our Services Include:

•Sealant & Mastic Pointing / Mechanical Joints

•Concrete Repair / Grouting

•Structural Waterproofing

•Sika 1 Waterproofing & Leak Sealing

•Remedial Wall Ties

•Resin Injection / Crack Repairs

•Site Surveys & Testing

•Protective and Waterproof Coatings

•Pavix Environmentally Friendly Protection Treatment

•Silane Treatments / Dust Proofing

•Floor Coatings / Toppings

•Diamond Drilling / Sawing

•Dust Free Vaporised Shot Blasting

•Specialist Main Contracting & Refurbishment

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