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Shaun Ward Vestguard

Thu April 19 2018

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07855946660Shaun Ward Vestguard

Designing and installing ballistic protection for buildings from Glass to Walls and VIP Safe-rooms; installs high-end “safe rooms” in the palatial homes of millionaires and billionaires, who travel frequently and might worry, “What do I do to protect my wife and kids when I’m not at home.”

Shaun Ward acknowledges that some of his clients might be a bit paranoid, or have so much money they can commit tens of thousands of pounds to the installation of a safe room without blinking an eye, but even so, he is intent on constructing the most indestructible safe rooms possible.

Typically, such rooms are built with ballistic fiberglass for the walls, ballistic glass for the windows, rugged locking systems on the doors to prevent forced entries, a video surveillance system, panic buttons and reliable alarm systems that can notify the police in case of an emergency. “You build safe houses based on the response time,” explained Shaun, who spoke with City of London Police for example, a resident can count on a police response during an emergency within 15 minutes, he noted, while in rural Hampshire it can easily take 30 minutes for the police to arrive. Thats a long time if you think someone is in your house, or is trying to rob you.

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