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Skymasts Antennas Limited

Fri April 20 2018

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01604494132Skymasts Antennas Limited

Skymasts Antennas Limited designs, manufactures and distributes world-class antenna solutions for the widest range of applications. We supply antennas to match a broad frequency spectrum (ranging from 27MHz right up to 5.8GHz) and for a huge variety of applications, including: Private Mobile Radio (PMR) systems, Land -Based & Marine Military Radio, Civil and Military Ground-to-Air Radio, Specialised Cellular Infrastructure Applications, High & Low Power Broadcast applications including DAB, CDMA450 and TETRA Infrastructures together with a wide and innovative range of wireless antenna products for Rail and Public Transportation Vehicular applications.

Skymasts also offer a Customer Specialist Antenna Design facility.

As well as our own extensive product range, Skymasts are Distributors and Stockists of a broad selection of complementary products including high quality Coaxial Cables, Connectors, Duplexers, Filters and Combining Systems from other world class leading manufacturers offering our customers an convenient and effective single source for procurement thus eliminating overall procurement costs.

Our product range inculdes: Yagi-Uda Arrays, Standard duty aluminium Yagi antennas, Light duty Yagi antennas, Shrouded Yagi antennas, Circular polarised Yagi & helical antennas, UHF X-Pol & V-Pol Panel Antennas, Corner Reflector Antennas, Glassfibre End-Fed / Colinear Antennas, Centre Fed / Folded Dipole Antennas, Train & Vehicle / RTPI Antennas, Indoor / Cell Enhancement Antennas, Power Splitters / Duplexers / Filters / Combiners, Coaxial Cable, Connectors and Accessories and Mounting Hardware and Installation Accessories.

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Getting in contact with Skymasts Antennas Limited

Kineton House
31 Horse Fair
OX16 0AE

Tel: 01604494132
Fax: 01604 494132

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