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Tue October 22 2019

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Slinden Services Limited

01530 274646

We are a specialist repair company based in the Midlands, UK. Our fully trained team have the knowledge, expertise and commitment to ensure that our clients receive an efficient and economical service.

Our specifically developed procedures have revolutionised the repair of cracked, damaged and eroded cast iron cylinder heads, blocks etc. and can breathe new life into what otherwise would be scrap components.

We have established an excellent reputation in the Shipping Industry for cast iron welding repairs and reconditioning of marine engines. Where quality and reliability are paramount.

We have successfully undertaken reconditioning and welding repairs to cylinder heads & engine blocks from vintage & classic cars such as a 1895 Benz to Aston Martin and Jaguars.

Our fusion welding technique is approved by Lloyds Register EMEA. We undertake welding of cast iron, steel and aluminium. We are proud to offer classification certificates from all major Classification Societies, metallurgical analysis.

We have our own fully equipped workshop facilities and a skilled technical team. This enables us provide quality work at a competitive price. As well as our cast iron welding repairs, we now have facilities for metal stitching.

We also undertake repairs to many Architectural items such as Cast Iron Gates, Railings, Window Frames, Bridge Repairs etc.

Our approved welding procedure and mechanical repairs are also used to repair Cast Iron Radiators, Fire Surrounds and many more items that are cracked or broken and are in need of first class restoration by the UK's number one CAST IRON REPAIR COMPANY. (On-site or at our workshop).

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L3 Olympic House
Westminster Industrial Estate
DE12 7DS

Tel: 01530 274646

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