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Thu May 28 2020

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Softcat Ltd

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Providing Intelligent IT Solutions

Softcat aims to be the leading quality provider of software licensing, hardware, security solutions, networking and associated IT services to the corporate sector.

Our mission is simple: “to demonstrate unrivalled levels of customer service and employee satisfaction.”

LAN, WAN and Wireless – Networks are evolving from being wired based 100mb/s links between static computers to being a gigabit Copper/Fibre backbone with roaming users working with laptops on a wireless network.

The speed of today’s Local Area Networks (LAN’s) has increased from a requirement of having a 100mb’s link to the server and storage to a need for speeds of over 1GB/s. This can either be achieved using copper gigabit giving speeds of around 1GB/s to speeds of 2GB/s plus for fibre connectivity. These two technologies can also be mixed providing a Copper front end infrastructure and a separate fibre storage area network to consolidate data onto a network that can be backed up without impacting on the live environment enabling 24 x 7 access to data in a non-stop world.

To further make use of office space and employees who spend the majority of their time out of the office you can implement a Wireless LAN to work alongside these physical layers to provide non-stop LAN access for mobile users who can log on anywhere within the building without the need for dedicated desks. This can not only reduce office space but also increase productivity of users with connectivity speeds of over 100mb/s allowing normal LAN based access speeds over WiFi technology.

Softcat itself employs all of these technologies and strategies on its internal systems, enabling us to provide real life examples and overcome any hesitancy around implementing these technologies to work in unison. We pride ourselves on not only partnering the market leaders in these technologies but utilising them in-house, experiencing the benefits allow us to support your migration and deployment projects knowing the potential pitfalls and benefits delivered.Our breadth of products and services are designed specifically to make your life easier. The areas of expertise we deliver upon are complementary and intrinsically linked, allowing you to utilise our skills for basic procurement through to more complex and project based requirements.

Hardware sales are supported internally by both our in-house Pre-sales Consultants and dedicated Product Specialists across the major vendors to ensure we provide the technology that suits and exceeds your expectations. Our hardware infrastructure services include :

• product demonstrations

• evaluation units

• project proof and design

• desktop/server build

Supported by logistics to meet even the most demanding time schedules.

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