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Stabilised Pavements Ltd

Wed April 25 2018

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01455 553581Stabilised Pavements Ltd

Stabilised Pavements Ltd is a specialist road recycling and stabilisation contractor, servicing construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of pavements for Local Authorities and Private companies.

Recycling is the future for sustainable road construction and maintenance. The DETR encourages the use of recycled materials in its Trunk Roads Report of 1998 and local authorities are being urged to follow Agenda 21, which recommends that resources are used efficiently and waste pollution kept to a minium.

Advantages of Road Recycling:

Lower Costs:

â– Savings of up to 30% compared with conventional treatments

â– Effective solutions within restricted budgets

â– Less expenditure on imported materials

â– Lower transportation costs

â– Long term savings from longer lasting treatment

Time Saving:

â– Faster contract completion - as much as 60% quicker than other repair and maintenance methods

â– Up to 1,500m2 treated in a single day

â– Recycled road foundation can accept surfacing and traffic quickly

â– Less traffic congestion and need for long term diversion schemes

â– Swifter turnaround for greater productivity


â– Recycling in-situ material conserves natural resources

â– Fewer lorry movements, saving energy and reducing impact on local community

â– Fewer disposals to scarce landfill sites

â– Environmentally responsible process

â– Reduces CO2 emissions

Processes available inculde:

Stabiltread - Retread

Stabilcourse - Deep recycling

Stablihaunch - Hauch recycling

Stabilsoil - Soil stabilisation

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Getting in contact with Stabilised Pavements Ltd

Bridgemere Farm
Mowsley Lane
Walton, Lutterworth
LE17 5RE

Tel: 01455 553581
Fax: 01455 552200

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