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Mon December 09 2019

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Sto is the market-leading supplier of high quality renders, rainscreen cladding and external wall insulation systems to the construction industry. Our expertise doesn't end there: Sto specialises in products that cover a wide range of construction needs.

In addition to external wall insulation, rainscreen cladding and render systems, we also manufacture innovative, world-class facade paints and VOC free interior paints, polished plasters, interior plasters, protective wall coverings, seamless and chilled acoustic panel systems, and professional application tools and machines. Sto's leading role in the area of innovation and product development has made the company the market leader in external wall insulation systems. Over 100 million square metres have been installed worldwide, attesting to the widespread trust in Sto.

StoTherm external wall insulation systems are extremely energy efficient, cutting heating requirements and preventing the release of CO2 emissions.

The systematic approach to external wall insulation ensures that the Sto range can be adapted to a wide variety of building conditions, from extreme climates to uneven substrates.

And Sto's efforts continue unabated: Continuous research, ongoing optimisation and pioneering innovations provide for an endless process of improvement and refinement, enabling Sto to offer the right facade system to meet every requirement. StoTherm Classic,

StoTherm Mineral, StoTherm Lamella

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