Fri November 15 2019

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For over 25 years our business has been with stone. We manufacture and supply both natural and reconstituted stone products to virtually any design. Primarily our major sales are of dry cast stone, however, natural stone plays a large part in our ability to supply almost any stone finishing product.

We have "in house" facilities for mould and pattern work to ensure smooth running of projects for when we are using dry cast stone methods, and for natural stone we have facilities to ensure accurate cutting and masoning of a large and varied range of stone types.

For lower budgets, reconstituted stone has proven to be both hard wearing, able to produce excellent decorative detail and where repetition of units in quantity are a requirement, has distinct price advantages over natural stone.

Using dry cast stone for wall decoration will add character to your home or garden. Seen above is one example of a garden complete with balustrade and paving using reconstituted stone.

Modern methods of stone production have enabled imagination and design to be fulfilled at more realistic price levels now than in recent history. For stone finishing products at affordable prices, Stonebuild will supply you with stone in whatever form to the limits only of your imagination.

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