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Stresslite is a leading supplier of precast concrete products in the UK & Ireland. We manufacture precast concrete industrial tanks, storm defence systems, bridge decking, walls, culverts, floors, beams, columns, stairs & landings. We manufacture all products in our leading-edge facilities and deliver them to site for immediate installation. Close to Dublin City and docks for easy export.


Waste Water Treatment, Water Reservoir Tanks, Attenuation Tanks, Reservoir Roofs

Our tanks are manufactured off-site, enabling faster installation and needing fewer people on-site and can be designed to accommodate any pipework and equipment. Our product is maintenance-free, with a life expectancy that exceeds that of alternative storage facilities. Our precast concrete tank system is a modular, post-tensioned tank system. A permanent seal between the units is achieved by patented joints incorporating a double barrier system. 2m wide pre-stressed wall panels are manufactured to suit diameters up to 40m and heights up to 7.5m.

Bridge Decking

Permanent shuttering as a non-participating or participating HA loading on motorway bridges.

Acting as an un-proped permanent shutter for both steel and concrete bridges and each component can be up to 2.4 meters wide, 8 meters long, and from 65mm to 150mm deep. Our system allows for reduced reinforcement as the Stresslite deck is pre-stressed it can achieve longer spans without temporary supports. The precast concrete has a lattice girder at various depths projecting from it as a designed sheer connecter to various depths of in-situ concrete topping on site. As it is a permanent shutter it allows all the main reinforcement to be decked out on top with an un-propped support. It can be designed to participate or non-participate.


Flood Defence & Alleviation, Basement Walls, Wall Panels

Stresslite has a variety of precast concrete wall panels with widths from 150mm to 200mm depending on design calculation characteristics. They can be used on wall heights of up to 3.5m wide and widths of 6m to 8m. Our most popular wall is the 180mm thick, 2.4m wide x 6m long wall panel.


Stream Culverts, Road Culverts, Underpasses, Pump Chambers

Stresslite's box culvert products are designed to cater for a wide range of external loading conditions from shallow to deep fill. In addition they can be used as tanks for attenuation of storm, foul or potable water.

Stairs and Landings

The precast stairs or landing is cast upside down, giving a very good smooth finish and can be designed to be infilled with grout or designed as a composite landing, reducing the on-site labour compared to in-situ work. Lifting hooks are cast in at the factory to make onsite placing safe, quick, and easy to fit.


Wide Slab Floor

A precast composite floor system installed in 2.4m sections, which can accommodate spans up to 12m. Fast becoming the preferred choice of precast flooring for both contractors and engineers due to its structural properties and its erection speed. It is a highly adaptive and an easily erected floor that can be installed quickly on-site. It uses up to 20% less concrete, reducing self-weight to the building, excellent fire resistance, high quality surface finish, high density and can be used in all types of frame construction, steel, precast or take the place of in-situ form work.

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