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Structural Metal Decks Ltd

Mon May 21 2018

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01202 718898Structural Metal Decks Ltd

Specialists in the design, production and installation of profile metal decking.

In response to the growing demand in the 1980s for composite metal deck floors, Structural Metal Decks Ltd. began the development of a range of profiles for the construction market. From the outset we have established our position in the market by striving to ensure the highest quality.


SMD’s Contracts Department is structured to allow effective management of nationwide contracts through a network of regional contracts managers and local site managers. This is backed up by our directly employed site operatives located throughout the UK.

SMD’s directly employed, directly controlled site operatives are the key to project success. All our operatives are fully trained and all hold the appropriate Health & Safety qualifications to operate safely and efficiently on site.

Fibre Reinforced Concrete - Tab-deckâ„¢

Due to continuing developments with fibre reinforced concrete, it is rapidly becoming an intrinsic part of composite metal deck floor construction. Using the ‘Tab-deck™’ system removes the need for traditional mesh reinforcement with all its associated problems of handling, storage and safety. Steel fibre reinforced concrete is a composite material formed by adding steel fibres into the concrete mix (either at the batching plant or on site) prior to pouring of concrete.

The addition of steel fibres turns the normally brittle concrete into a more ductile material with greater load carrying capacity. The three dimensional nature of the steel fibre provides excellent crack control.

Soffit Fixings

All of the SMD profiles offer the opportunity of utilizing soffit fixings for services, ceilings etc. These fixings can accommodate threaded rod sizes of 6mm, 8mm and 10mm for loads up to 2.0kN.

These fixings are available from Lindapter International Ltd 01274 521444. The ‘V’ nut is to be used with the SMD R51 profile and the ‘TR60’ nut is to be used for both the TR60 and TR80 profiles. Guidance on the use of these fixings is available from Lindapter International Limited.

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