Stuarts Industrial Flooring

Mon October 14 2019

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Stuarts Industrial Flooring

0845 168 5860

Delivering close to two million square metres of precision concrete floor every year requires experience, organisation and extensive technical knowledge, qualities demonstrated time and time again by Stuarts Industrial Flooring.

As the largest independent UK contractor in the industrial flooring sector with three dedicated offices in Tamworth, Midlothian and Boroughbridge we provide specialist support across the UK, enabling Stuarts to offer a wide range of services that delivery floor construction according to the user needs.

Our core market is industrial concrete flooring for commercial, residential and educational buildings. We provide insitu concrete ground floor slabs, upper flooring, structural topping to precast concrete beams, concrete into metal decking, steel fabric reinforced concrete floors, steel fibre reinforced concrete floors, flood poured concrete floors, laser poured concrete floors. In addition to our core market of industrial concrete floors we also provide a concrete screeding service which inculdes, calcium sulphate flowing screeds, sand and cement screeds, alternative cementitious screeds. We also provide an underfloor heating.

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Tel: 0845 168 5860

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