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Sun December 15 2019

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Stuarts Screeding Ltd

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Stuarts Screeding Ltd is a division of Stuarts, fast making a name for itself in the Screed market. Working closely with screed manufacturers including LaFarge, Ecoscreed, Cemex and Tarmac, we are once again driving new products and techniques into the market place, increasing productivity and giving our customers better value for money.

Products such as Gyvlon, Supaflo and Truflo are enabling us to lay over 1000m² per day with a 4 man team compared to the traditional 150m² per day using sand and cement screeds. A whole host of other advantages, including increased compressive and flexural strengths, make flowing screed the ideal solution for your budget.

Stuarts Screeding offer the following services:

Flowing screed:

Flowing screeds have been developed in reponse to the challenges and demands of the fast-moving construction industry.They are designed for use on all types of interior flooring and offer excellent durability with a superb surface finish.

With no need for vibration or compaction, flowing screeds are quick and easy to place and allow large areas to be poured at one time. They are suitable for both commercial and domestic use and can be used in schools and hospitals, as well as houses and hotels. They can be used with thermal and acoustic insultation and are ideal for use with underfloor heating systems.

Stuarts supply the following flowing screeds:

Cemex Supaflo

Bardon Highflo

LaFarge Gyvlon

Tarmac Truflo

Traditional sand and cement based screeds:

Traditional floor screed is factory mixed for flooring and roofing applications and boasts excellent cement dispersion, giviing greater and more uniform compressive strength throughout the floor area. It has a delay in order to remain workable for 8-12 hours and can be used on a number of different bases.

Super strong screeds, ideal for use in hospitals, offices and industry have been developed to meet the demand for sand and cement screeds incorporating an even dispersion of polypropylene fibres. The fibres improve cohesion and control cracking caused by intrinsic stresses.

Fast drying / Fast drying high density screeds are suitable for all common floor finishes and allow for earlier use of the floor space.Easy to work and providing a higher strength and abrasion resistant finish, these screeds can be used on various bases. High Density floors are particularly effective on floors subject to arduous service. Fast drying screed are also usful for sound insulation, thermal insulation and weight reduction applications.

SBR Polymer Modified screed has increased toughness and bond properties thanks to the inclusion of a synthetic polymer resin. These screeds minimise shrinkage and cracking, permerability is reduced and flexural strength is improved. Polymer modified screeds can provide higher performance at thinner levels when normal thickness would be problematic.

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