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Sat October 19 2019

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At TStar Solutions, we understand how important your business is. Having worked with household names around the country, our primary objective is to exceed your expectations and provide a great quality line marking service.

For a lot of businesses and people they fail to realise that line marking is something which can provide a huge amount of safety to an area, as well as organising and maximising space effectively.

Our line marking crews have extensive construction industry experience, and will work with you to achieve your desired outcome on time and on budget. We create this service around you and so if there is anything specifically needed for your business needs, we can sit down and plan out a service which fully accommodates you.

External Line Marking

From a small office car park, to ones belonging to a large supermarket. At TStar we can provide and offer a full range of external line marking services to suit our client’s needs.

There is never a job too big or small, too complicated or too simple.

External line marking isn’t just car parks. We also paint roadways, playgrounds and hard surface sports courts, helipads and even charging areas for electric cars.

Our external line marking services can be done over pre-existing work or on freshly laid surfaces which are a blank canvas. We guarantee that the finished product will be of fantastic quality and delivered on time so your space can be used as soon as possible by members of the public and staff alike.

External Line Marking are used for marking the following areas:

Car Park Line Markings


Distribution Centres

Sports Grounds

Play Grounds



Electric Car Charging Points

Internal Line Marking

Internal line marking is a service which not many businesses may think they need, or even have thought about.

This type of line marking is perfect for industrial warehouses or distribution centres where there is machinery inside as well as people working. Making sure that both of these aspects work safely together is highly important, and this is where internal line marking can come in. Clear instructions and storage markings keep workers organised and productivity high so less mistakes and errors are made.

From small warehouses to large distribution centres, we provide our clients an outstanding service when providing our internal line marking to your building.

Internal Line Markings are used for marking areas such as:


Storage Zones

Loading and unloading areas

Pallet Bays

Hatched Areas

Fire Exits

In addition to our line marking services T Star Solutions also provide Resin Paving services.

Resin paving is made up of a highly light stable resin mix which includes a stone aggregate. It is applied as a thick and relatively smooth surface. Resin paving can be applied over concrete, bitumen macadam, metal, timber and many other surfaces accepting of both people walking over it, as well as vehicles moving and parking.

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