T.D. And A.M. Bugg Limited

Sun January 20 2019

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T.D. And A.M. Bugg Limited

01206 262605

Skip hire to Essex / Suffolk 20 mile radius around Nayland, Sudbury, Colchester. Global warming has sparked off many recycling plants.

We recycle as much as possible and produce many of the raw materials needed in the construction industry, in effect contribute to the efforts made by world consortium on global warming.

Our recyling facilities produce agregates such as sand and hard core, needed in road building and the construction industry.

We have a licenced transfer station where all of the returned skips get dilivered. It's here we sift through many tonnes of waste, such as glass, metals, paper, sand and hard core.

Our recycling facilities have reduced the amount of waste that goes into land fill sites, by many tonnes over the years and we are working to provide a green and more lush environment for all.

All the skips and containers that we bring back to recycle, not only help the environment, but lower the cost of our services to you.

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Getting in contact with T.D. And A.M. Bugg Limited

The Woodyard
Gravel Hill Nayland

Tel: 01206 262605
Fax: 01206 263601

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