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Wed October 23 2019

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The particular strength of Telling lies in our provision of design services that can be specific to one of our specialist facades or extended to include single source responsibility for the entire scheme. These include curtain walling, glazing, multi discipline cladding systems and ancillary works.

In-house design staff in engineering and architecture lessen the load upon the consultant or design contractor in interfacing and programming, and management of the fa�ade package where this is of interest. Argeton GmbH are a subsidiary of the Austrian Wienerberger Corporation, who are the largest clay block, brick and roof tile manufacturers in the world. An innovative and cost effective cladding, based on the proven principle of the ventilated cavity, using natural clay tiles suspended in a rainscreen mechanically attached to an aluminium substructure

Manufactured under the �Argeton� process, the natural beauty and symmetry of the fa�ade is created by contrasting the smooth faced tile with the precise joint. Whether as the main theme cladding or as a feature, the clean lines and aesthetic charm of the Argeton Terracotta tile can be effectively designed in conjunction the cladding components of glazing, curtain walling and stucco. Argeton is manufactured in thirteen captivating colours � natural, salmon, brick and pastel red, sand, apricot beige, light platinum volcano and iron grey, sahara yellow. pearl white and glacier blue Tiles can be smooth faced, wire drag, engobe, riven or glazed.

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