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Mon February 17 2020

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The Laser Edge Profilling Company

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The Laser Edge is proud of its ability to provide lasercutting to the highest of standards our committment to on going investment in state of the art technology and our unrivalled experience ensure our on going drive to world class standards

The Laser Edge / Harbex offer an award winning service through innovation technology and comprehensive bespoke pricing system to enable all cutting quotations to be accuratley quantified, so contact us first and we promise you wont be disapointed.

Laser Cutting : Computer controlled laser cutting is a fast, accurate and precisely repeatable method of creating components of all shapes and sizes in small, medium or large batches from flat sheet or tubular materials.

Being a low heat, non-contact cutting method distortion is minimal therefore lending itself to the processing of thin materials.

Cut widths of 0.2mm are typically achieved in 3mm stainless steel whilst with equal efficiency up to 20mm thick can be accurately cut, tolerances range from +/-0.12mm to +/-0.4mm depending on thickness and type of material.

Water Jet Cutting: Water Cutting with the addition of abrasive enables any material to be cut cleanly to close tolerances, squarely and with a good edge finish

Stainless steel, inconel, titanium, aluminium, tool steel, ceramics, granite, armour plate - in fact any known material can be cut with tolerances as low as +/- 0.2mm with no heat distortion, tolerances range from +/- 0.2mm to +/- 0.4mm depending on material and thickness.

Our water cutting machines are equipped with height sensors, twin heads and variable traversing speeds making the process versatile and competitive.

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