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Sun March 29 2020

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The Lighthouse Club

01473 231831

The Lighthouse Club is known, recognized and regarded with respect and affection throughout every branch of the construction industry.

The Club is now 50 years old and its popularity is such that it has spread beyond the U.K. to the Netherlands, South Africa, Asia/Pacific and Dubai. There are nearly 8,000 members world wide all of whom will extend a welcome to their fellow members.

This web site has links to many overseas branches but it is aimed specifically at the 21 branches in the U.K. and Ireland. These 21 branches organize over 40 events annually, events which provide the greater part of the funding for the Lighthouse Club Benevolent Fund.

This site has information on the Club, its personalities and its activities. �Official� news, e.g. minutes of National Council Meetings and meetings at our AGM, and the accounts for Club and Fund, are posted on our Notice Board. 'Major Events', with links for full details, are listed in 'Highlights'. Our 'Calender of Events' is a very comprehensive list of events in the UK and Ireland. There are brief overviews of our Branches and the people involved, recent events and coming attractions

There is information about The Lighthouse Club Benevolent Fund (registered charity No. 205670) , the people involved, donations received. Click on Donations, you just might be in there!

Wherever possible there are 'click on' links to our administrators and the Club's and Fund's officers; to Branch committee members and Welfare Officers; to events organisers, and to event venues.

The maintenance of this site is undertaken weekly, and additions and amendments will be ongoing. All are invited to contribute their ideas. Branch Officers in particular are requested to add to or correct overviews, to update coming events and the calendar, and submit reports, branch newsletters and other information.

Members, and indeed any interested construction people, are asked to enter their email details (on the right) to receive our free e-news. All are asked to spread word of this site (e.g. by email) and the Club and our Benevolent Fund to as many people in the industry as they can. The effectiveness of our Fund depends on widespread recognition.

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