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Sun January 20 2019

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Netting Specialists for Sport, Construction and Horticulture. Scaffold Sheeting - Flame Retardant Sheeting (FR2000)

Shares the same properties as GR2000 with a unique flame retardant formula.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications where fire is a constant hazard.

When in contact with flame FR2000 simply melts without igniting. Scaffold Sheeting (GR2000)

Tried tested and proven in the toughest of climates. 100% Waterproof and UV stabilised

New improved webbing with extra reinforcement, and eyelets at close intervals of 10cm.

Ideal for indoor and outdoor application. Debris Netting - Flame Retardant Debris Netting

A lightweight fabric, manufactured from high density polyethylene monofilaments, which can be used in the same manner as standard/superior debris netting. Debris Netting - Standard

This cost effective lightweight debris netting, is manufactured from high density polyethylene monofilaments. This can be used in the same manner as Superior Debris Net. Debris Netting - Superior

Tildenet Debris netting is a durable lightweight netting which not only protects traffic and pedestrians from falling debris, but also considerably reduces rain and wind penetration, whilst allowing air circulation to improve the working environment for construction personnel. Man Safety Netting - B1 Safety Netting

B1 heavy duty safety netting is manufactured from 5mm diameter high tenacity polypropylene, 45mm squared knotless mesh complete with 30 Kn border rope and 2m tie cords fitted at 2m centres.

This netting has a UV treatment and polypropylene does not absorb water, it also has a high resistance to alkaline and acid. Safety Barrier & Hoist Netting - Hoist Net (GF4)

Tildenet GF4 netting is particularly suitable for hoist surrounds. It is very light, has a high tensile strength, and is easy to install. Safety Barrier (OSB)

A high visibility barrier fence used to protect pedestrians and traffic when road works are being carried out. Also for crowd control fencing at sports and recreational venues.

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