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Travik Chemicals

Mon June 25 2018

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01325 307000Travik Chemicals

Unless you are one of our current clients, Travik is probably a name with which you are not familiar. We are not a marketing company, but chemical industry innovators who produce, design and engineer products for the retail, commercial and specialist markets.

It's also probable, if you live in the UK, that you may already use one of the Travik designer products in your home or business, purchased under a well known brand name.

We stick to what we know, and that is the design, manufacture and packaging of many of the quality products you see and purchase from the shelves of national retail and wholesale outlets, and even from TV shopping channels.

As well as being recognised as innovators in chemical design, we are also well accepted worldwide as the "problem solvers" within the chemical industry and it is therefore no surprise that many of our products have originated, developed and engineered from our customers problems.

It is for that reason companies such as Nissan, Volvo, Honda, British Rail and I.C.I. have come to us with their problems.


Strong, stabilised, hypochlorite solution for general disinfection & bleaching.

Thick Bleach

Toilet Cleaner & Descaler

Acid Descaler

Water Softener



HiFoam Spraid

Spraid MPP

Grime Buster

Special Alkaline Wash

Dewatering Fluid



Graffiti Remover

Graffiti Gel

Caustic Drain Cleaner

Caustic Soda



Heavy Duty Adhesive




Germicidal.Barrier Cream

2 Palms

After Work Cream

All Over Body Wash

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Getting in contact with Travik Chemicals

Grindon Way
Aycliffe Industrial Park
Newton Aycliffe
County Durham

Tel: 01325 307000

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