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Wed October 23 2019

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Trudec Interlocking Tiles

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TRUDEC is the perfect flooring solution for garages, workshops, factories, warehouses, show rooms, shops, schools, public buildings, and other open areas (ideal applications - make link to ideal applications ) where long-life, comfort, safety, easy-cleaning and fast installation are important considerations.

Trudec PVC floor tiles look superb and overcome common problems associated with many traditional floor surfaces such as flaking or cracking. They provide an excellent thermal and dust barrier, are flame retardant and resistant to most chemicals. They can be laid in most instances without the use of adhesives, minimizing down-time and allowing the removal of individual tiles at a later date.

Studded tiles provide an improved anti-slip surface whilst smooth 'leathergrain' tiles can be used where flat surfaces are required for alignment etc. Available in a range of colours, each tile can be laid and trimmed easily to avoid obstructions and allow for expansion gaps. Tiles are also available in a special anti-static formula for sensitive work areas.

Use of different colour tiles can create work zones, walkways, highlight hazards etc. Use Line inserts to produce borders, lane markings etc - as tough as the tiles - no more line painting.

Ideal Applications �

� Garages & Workshops

� Factories

� Warehouses

� Showrooms

� Retail Shops

� Sports Centre

� Fitness/Training Centre

� Gyms

� Home Gyms

� Offices

� Stockrooms

� Hospitals

� Exhibition Halls

� Airports

� Schools

� Public Areas

� Home Garages

� Cellars & Basements

� Garden Buildings

� Playrooms

� Utility Rooms

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