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Thu November 21 2019

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Truecut Technologies Ltd

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In our purpose designed premises we offer “pick and mix” CNC solutions. We can laser cut, punch, bend, fold, weld and fabricate to your specification. We can also profile from Dxf and many other CAD files. Truecut are also pleased to be able to offer the new KWIKCUT service, which enables customers to have work turned round in as little as 24 hours. Our state of the art market leading 2008 specification TRUMPF laser boasts an operator and programmer with over twelve years experience, and the latest TRUTOPS software for optimum nesting and high speed cutting. In addition to our laser cutting services we also offer, CNC Punching, CNC Bending, Welding & Profiling.

You can choose one service or for peace of mind combine multiple services, thus cutting down on transport costs and production time losses. You will have the reassurance that your items are in one place, and are being monitored through the production process by our stringent quality tracking systems. As well as flat bed laser metal cutting we offer cnc punching and bending plus full fabrication facility. Computer controlled laser cutting is a fast, accurate, and precisely repeatable method of creating components of all shapes and sizes in small, medium, or large batches from flat sheet. Being a low heat, non-contact cutting method distortion is minimum therefore lending itself to the processing of thin materials.

Cut widths of 0.2mm are typically acheived in 3mm stainless steel whilst with equal efficiency up to 20mm thick can be accurately cut, tolerances range from +/-0.12mm to +/-0.4mm depending on thickness and type of material.

Laser cutting allows items to be cut and finished to precise standards as single prototypes, or up to large runs by Truecut without the need for costly traditional tooling.

1mm stainless steel styrup spring mechanism 35mm across, cut, formed and finished.

150mm diameter flange in 6mm aluminium featuring complex cutting profile.

100mm long balustrade bracket in 15mm and 20mm thick stainless steel.

150mm diameter 4 clutch plates.

Press brake capacity

Up to 4 metre pressbrake, up to 320 tonnes, up to 9 Axis. Coupled with an excellent range of tooling making it equally suited to intricate, fine tolerance work or simple bends.


NC controlled 3m x 13mm variable rake.


Spot, Mig, Stick and Tig Welding, plus a variety of related sheet metal fabrication techniques.


Positional repeatability: ±0.02 mm. Cutting: ±0.1mm down to 50 microns. Multi Axis Bending: ±0.5° (or better on request).

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