Truseal Flat Roofing Systems

Wed April 08 2020

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Truseal Flat Roofing Systems

01244 674111

Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer is a single ply synthetic rubber membrane specifically manufactured for flat roof applications.

The Truseal system is capable of satisfying the most discriminating demands in term of ease of application and long term use. In essence the Truseal system represents the intelligent alternative as it is designed to outlast all conventional roofing products in today's market.

Truseal Waterbased Glue

Firestone Waterbased Glue

Bonding Adhesive 19ltr

Contact Adhesive 5ltr

Primer Lap Sealant

Water Seal

4" Rollers Pack 12

12" Rollers

Scrubber kit

Universal Pipe Boot

Universal Outlets - Various

Internal Corner

External Corner

Edge Trims Truform Uncurred Rubber

Seam Tape 3"

Perimeter Fastening Strip

Mechanical Fixing Strip

Liquid Roof 100% Silicon Glidvale Sunscoops

4" Seam Rollers

Baton Bar

Walkway Pads

Termination Bar 3mtr

EPDM/Single Ply

Geo Textile Underlay

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