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Mon February 17 2020

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Ubc Limited

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“At UBC, we know that each customer’s logistical requirements are unique. We believe in jointly developing specific solutions to meet your logistical needs. By fully understanding your personal challenges, we work together to provide the answers. The resultant partnership breeds reliable and flexible responses upon which you can safely plan your long-term strategy. Our commitment and dedication ensures ‘value for money’ in all you demand.

Backing our unrivalled knowledge - which goes back to 1965 - is our continuous investment, not just in specialised equipment, but also in technical innovation and safety. We continue to set the standards in quality and product development in the dry-bulk field.

We are committed to being the best choice for Bulk Logistics.”

UBC distribute and store a wide and varied range of bulk products. Our logistical solutions are designed to meet your individual requirements and needs.

Our service comprises of the provision and implementation of supply chain solutions including distribution, storage and materials handling of your product. Each of these services has their own UBC service section. By clicking below you can choose which service you are interested in.At UBC we have been working with the chemical and food industries since 1965. In that time we have grown to be one of the largest bulk logistics service providers in Europe. Services in dry-bulk distribution, storage and the logistics sector in 19 European countries, a further 10 worldwide.

In excess of 15,000 intermodal dry-bulk containers.

150,000 dry-bulk movements per annum.

10 on-site logistics terminals.

153 different products handled.

Turnover of €200m in 2004.

Operating since 1965 through IFF and IBC.

Headquarters in UK.

Offices in 13 locations around Europe.

Own workforce of 225 people, daily operations with 800 contract staff.

708 trained drivers.

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