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Fri May 29 2020

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Established in 1973, Vencel Resil is the UK’s largest producer of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation supplying a comprehensive range of products and systems to the construction industry. Its Jablite range is now a UK brand leader and the company also supplies other innovative EPS products and systems with civil engineering applications and decorative EPS products to the DIY industry.

As a member of Syntra Group b.v., the company enjoys the resources of a global group, while maintaining its commitment to personalised customer interface. EPS is recognised as one of the most high-performance and sustainable materials on the market, having been awarded an A+ rating by the BRE (British Research Establishment). All products adhere to stringent quality standards and Vencel Resil is registered to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Standard.


Jablite and Jablite Premium branded products include a comprehensive range of insulation boards and structural insulated panel systems. These are used in domestic and commercial construction projects and include Jabroof Slimfix insulated structural pitched roof system, Jabsip bespoke panels, Jabhouse “whole house” solution with ESP panels, floor cassettes and roof panels (all with BBA certificates).


Floatmaster EPS is a closed cell material and is a highly cost-effective solution for the construction of marina pontoons and safety booms. Floatmaster 70 offers high buoyancy factors, light weight and limited water uptake. Floatmaster products have been used in high-profile schemes such as Sovereign Harbour, Eastbourne, Cromwell Weir in Nottinghamshire and in the Greenwich Docklands Regeneration project.

Claymaster and Cellcore

Are widely used in the construction of foundations where the material can alleviate ground movement pressures (clay heave), reduce pressure on ground beams and provide venting of harmful underfloor gases.


Fillmaster expanded polystyrene offers a reliable, lightweight and cost-effective solution for many civil engineering projects, especially in road construction where the material’s high strength to weight ratio enables the blocks to withstand heavy mechanical loads. Fillmaster’s versatility and the speed with which construction projects can be completed have also led to the development of modular railway platforms. The blocks incorporate a fire-resistant additive and can be tailor-made for specialist applications. Heavy plant is not required to transport the blocks and the railway line can thus continue to operate with a 40mph speed limit while platform work is undertaken.

With its comprehensive and innovative range of EPS products and systems, Vencel Resil is committed to the concept of a customer-supplier partnership which it maintains at exceptionally high standards. For further information on the products offered by Vencel Resil and their wide range of applications

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