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Mon February 17 2020

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Vivant Consultants

0207 148 5584

Vivant Consultants Engineering specialises in multi-disciplinary Engineering & Construction recruitment.

VCE has a vast network of clients and candidates in:

UNITED KINGDOM - England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.


Asia - India, China, Japan.

Australia - Melbourne

Middle East - UAE, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sharjah.

North America - United States, Canada.

South America - Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Colombia

Europe - UK, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Finland, France, Estonia.

South Africa - Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, Pretoria.

Leadership - Global/Regional Director - Executive/ Non Executive, Consultant, Project Management, Design Management, General Management, Engineering, Trainee & Apprenticeship.

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Knight House Business Centre
27-31 East Barnet Road

Tel: 0207 148 5584

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