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EP warmfloor is a Norwegian developed system made for future demands of healthy heating. The priority is comfort for the human need, safety and energy efficiency.

EP warmfloor has been tested by several international laboratories and is approved for installation in dry, damp and wet rooms according to norms and regulations.

Due to Self-regulation technology, combined with closeness to the floor surface, you will save money on your electric bill.

The EP Warmfloor system is suitable under any floor-covering, such as parquets, wooden floors, tiles and carpet

The EP Warmfloor system is based on 1,2mm thick and 34 cm wide, 24 volt heating elements, made of carbon enriched polyethylene.

The element is semi conductive and because of the resistance in this material heat is developed.

The EP Warmfloor System not only provides you with under floor heating but also:

Energy Saving:

• Low temperature consistently spreads out over a large surface.

• Closeness to the floor surface, less heating of under laying materials.

• Self regulation-effect further reduces the running costs.

Suitable as main heat or comfort heat.

Perfect with solar panel PV, directly or indirectly.


• Easy installation

• Can be used under any floor covering

• 1,2mm thickness reduces the building height.

• Less compounds on top of the EP Warmfloor system means money saved and less waiting time.

Health & Safety Improvements:

• Low temperature provides better indoor environment.

• 24 Volt tension is harmless in damp conditions, such as in bathrooms.

24 low volt making it suitable with medical instruments and other hospitals installation.

• Dries out moisture on the floor, avoiding fungus and rot.

Environmental Improvements:

• CO2-reductions, due to less use of energy for heating.

• Made of polyethylene plastics. 20% consists of recycled compounds and can be recycled again. No use of hazardous chemicals or softeners neither in the product itself, nor during production.

In addition Warmflooring.ltd.uk can also deliver low-tempered heating elements for industrial and medical equipment. 23 years experience from 7 countries. Ask us for further information.

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