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Sun May 31 2020

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Watlow Limited

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While some companies manufacture just heaters or just controllers we provide single source performance accountability by creating all thermal system components. In addition to saving you ordering time, it lets us recommend, develop and deliver thermal solutions ideally suited to your equipment and process heat requirements.

From electric heaters of all types and sizes, power controllers that maximize heater performance, temperature controllers for more precise heat regulation, to sensors that provide the controllers with accurate temperature signals, you can count on Watlow to design thermal systems in which the components work together better.

Our range of heaters includes: Advanced Ceramic, Band, Cable, Cartridge, Cast-in, Ceramic Fiber, Circulation, Custom, Flexible, Multicell, Multicoil, Polymer, Radiant, Strip, Thick Film, Tubular. Our range of sensors includes: Thermocouples, RTD's& Thermistors, Smart Sensing Solutions, SERV-RITE® Wire & Cable, XACTPAK® Cable, Lab Services, Custom. Our range of controllers includes: Auto-Tuning PID, Control Panels, Custom, DIN-A-MITE, E-SAFE Relay, Limits/Alarms, On-Off, PID With Programmable Logic, PID With Time/Temp Profiling, Power Controllers, Power Series, PPC-2000, SERIES CZR, SERIES F4, SSRs and Temperature Meter.

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