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Thu August 22 2019

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Watson & Hillhouse are specialists in the provision of pile driving equipment building a worldwide reputation for service and technical expertise that, together with huge resources, places them at the forefront of the industry.

All equipment – for hire or sale – is subject to rigorous inspection, and any necessary remedial work is carried out in our specially equipped workshops by qualified staff. A full apprenticeship scheme helps to provide the specialist skills, commitment and reliability necessary to customer service and all staff undergo regular product update training. This expertise is also available through contract maintenance on contractors’ own equipment.

The hire fleet consists of:

• BSP Heavy duty hydraulic piling hammers - An economical solution for the installation of all types of steel, timber or concrete piles in either land or marine environments. The versatile design allows operation by crane suspension, from piling rigs or leaders.

• OMS Excavator mounted vibratory hammers - Specifically designed as pile driving and extracting attachments for excavators, these versatile piling hammers can install trench sheets, most sheet pile profiles, ‘H’, tubular, concrete and timber piles as well as CFA cages and are well suited to smaller piling operations.

• PVE and ICE Crane suspended vibratory hammers – These machines have a wide range of applications in driving and extracting sheet profiles, ‘H’, timber, concrete & tubular piles and CFA cages.

• Kowan Noise and Vibration Free Pile Press – The Kowan Still Worker allows various sheet pile profiles and tubular piles to be installed into most soil types with very little, if no, vibration or noise that is normally associated with pile driving. Ideal for built up areas pressing piles close to buildings and restricted access sites.

Watson & Hillhouse are the global sales agents for the Kowan Still Worker, noise and vibration free pile pressing machines, which since being introduced in 1982 has sold successfully worldwide.

Exclusive UK and Ireland agency agreements also exist with leading international manufacturers for the sale, servicing and support of their product ranges these include:


A leading Dutch developer, manufacturer and provider of hydraulic foundation equipment, specialising in vibration technology – a quiet and intrinsically environment-friendly technology.


ICE (International Construction Equipment), a Dutch company specialising in the worldwide production and distribution of high performance equipment for a wide variety of (deep) foundation jobs.


As part of the Kärcher Group, Woma has been at the cutting-edge of the high-pressure water jetting industry for 50 years providing innovative products for numerous applications.


Damen delivers high quality, reliable and cost-effective solutions to the marine market. They have specialised in the manufacturing of dredgers for decades and worked with dredging contractors to develop the submersible DOP pump.


A leading Korean manufacturer and supplier of foundation equipment. Since establishing in 1992 they have earned an excellent reputation for supplying quality equipment all around the world.

Their product range includes casing oscillators and reverse cycle drilling equipment.

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