Thu August 22 2019

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The people behind WoodTrend share 50 years of experience and passion in working with wood and this is reflected in the product collection which is the result of a premium selection of real, natural woods.

We only work with leading world-class manufacturers including suppliers of glue for our engineered flooring or the oil or varnish for the superior surface finish, whether for our solid or our engineered flooring range. Our quality is the highest possible to ensure your peace of mind. For most products it means our prime grade excludes sapwood which is both inferior and of a different colour. This way you are only looking at the best which nature has to offer.

Our Premium Decking Planks, Decking Tiles and Cladding are only offered in a durable wood lasting a "lifetime" and easy to maintain. It is so strong and durable that it does not need any maintenance at all. Instead of the original dark, brown colours, it will simply turn into a beautiful silver-grey patina – still lasting a ‘lifetime’. The quality is the best, excluding the softer sapwood, as for exterior conditions, this would reduce the lifespan – and strength – of your new deck, deck tiles or cladding.

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