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Fri January 22 2021

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Digital future for construction

Digital technology may be finding its place in certain parts of the construction industry, but for many, a fundamental change in mindset is needed before the benefits can be fully realised.

Tideway’s tunnel visions

Restricted access and tidal working are among multiple challenges faced by contractors at one of Tideway’s central London sites. Helena Russell pays a visit

Blasts from the past

The John Laing Charitable Trust has teamed up with Historic England to digitise and publish online thousands of photographs recording John Laing Construction’s past triumphs. David Taylor has taken a look and selected a few striking examples

Not just another brick in the wall

With the need to tackle climate change becoming increasingly urgent, scientists and engineers are busy developing low-carbon alternatives to traditional bricks and blocks. David Taylor reports

Give it some Welly

Restoration of the world’s tallest three-sided obelisk calls for some serious scaffolding. David Taylor visited the Wellington Monument in Somerset

Hemp to the rescue!

Could the cannabis plant show us the way to a more sustainable, low-carbon construction industry? David Taylor spoke to someone who thinks it can