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Fri May 14 2021

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Got it nailed!

Specialist contractor Universal has designed a bespoke drilling rig for an especially tricky application. David Taylor reports

Plenty in the pipeline

Utilities contractors continue to make steady progress as work in the water, power and telecoms markets continues to flow. David Taylor reports

Old dogs, new tricks?

There is a skills shortage in the construction industry and it’s especially acute in the heritage sector – but what can be done about it? Hannah Prowse, head of national projects at English Heritage, has some suggestions

Strong and stable

Contractor O’Keefe has used cement stabilisation techniques to improve ground conditions at a large brownfield site for the Port of Tilbury. David Taylor reports

Hidden danger

No building erected in the UK after the year 2000 should contain any asbestos or asbestos-containing material. But that this might not always be the case, according to one asbestos specialist