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Sun December 03 2023

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May 2023 Features

Cold comfort

As the Antarctic summer draws to a close, the team modernising the British Antarctic Survey’s Rothera Research Station is packing up and preparing for the long journey home. David Taylor reports

Bad company

In March this year the UK demolition industry was hit by news that 10 of the country’s leading contractors had been colluding to fix prices and rip off their customers. David Taylor reports.

Out of the shadows

Earlier this year, GMI Construction created a shadow board to bring on future leaders of the business. Phil Bishop reports

How low can you go?

In the increasingly urgent quest to find low-carbon construction materials, scientists are exploring a wide – and often unexpected – range of possibilities.

That retro look…

If the future is net zero, we need to focus on the past – retrofit is the shape of things to come. David Taylor reports

Cut and come again

In the City of London, specialist contractor McGee is refabricating 1980s steelwork for reuse on site. Elsewhere, research has revealed that Britain is leading the world in the use of recycled aggregates. David Taylor reports

People in glass houses

A lengthy and painstaking refurbishment project is under way at Edinburgh’s botanic garden. David Taylor reports