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Sat March 02 2024

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November 2021 Features

Must Watch

WATCH: Huge Roman trading settlement found at HS2 archaeological site in Northamptonshire

Must Watch

WATCH: Lighthouse teams up with text message support service

The lowdown on...The Prompt Payment Code

Late payment, payment abuse, subbie-bashing – call it what you will, the withholding of payments due to suppliers has long been a scourge of the construction industry, stifling cashflow and crippling small businesses

The flywheel finds its moment

It’s nothing much to look at – just a box – but the Punch Power 200 is a magic money-saving machine that is already saving contractors thousands of pounds-worth of fuel. Phil Bishop reports

Definitely Mabey

Shoring specialist Mabey Hire has played a supporting role in a major hospital development in Manchester

Cement comes clean

Cement production is one of the most carbon-intensive industries. But there are now concerted efforts to tackle the problem – and even go ‘beyond zero’. David Taylor reports

How NMCN bit off more than it could chew

Just 18 months ago NMCN, the company formerly called North Midland Construction, posted its 2019 financial results showing double-digit growth in revenue and profit. Phil Bishop wonders what happened

Kicking out the carbon

As representatives from countries across the world gather at the COP26 United Nations climate change conference in Glasgow to plot progress to a carbon- neutral world, Paul Thompson takes a look at the efforts the construction industry is making

Anyone for T?

A new type of electricity pylon – the first new design for nearly a century – is being used to connect Hinkley Point C nuclear power station to the grid. David Taylor reports

Exercises in design

Are municipal leisure centres designed with the needs of all users in mind? One architect thinks not. So, to judge for himself, David Taylor cycled into his local town where a brand-new leisure centre is currently under construction