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Thu January 21 2021

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WATCH: Hinkley Point C progress update – November 2020

Must Watch

WATCH: JCB launches new LiveLink portal

It’s Showtime!

With its traditional market in the entertainments industry in Covid-hibernation, one of the world’s leading rigging specialists has set its sights on construction. David Taylor reports

Go wild!

New measures to protect the natural environment will impose onerous responsibilities on developers and house-builders. But ecologist Stephanie Wray believes the solution is to offset your impact by ‘rewilding’ areas of the country. She spoke to David Taylor

Muddied Waters

Millions of pounds worth of construction work has been delayed after local authorities in Hampshire stopped granting planning permissions in a bid to reduce nitrate pollution in the Solent. As frustration among contractors and developers grows, the search for a long-term solution continues. Steve Menary reports

Shocks to the system

With the incidence of cable-strikes and ‘arc-flash’ injuries on the rise, David Taylor spoke to a contractor who thinks that better training is the solution

Blacktop goes green

Waste plastic is increasingly being kept out of landfill by being put to work in roads. Lisa Russell reports

Switched-on skidsteer

In July this year, what is touted as the world’s first truly all-electric skidsteer arrived on British shores. David Taylor spoke to the UK agent for Czech manufacturer Kovaco