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Tue October 27 2020

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The TCI Top 100

Top 100 Construction Companies 2019

Workloads among the Top 100 UK contractors continue to edge upwards, but at a slower rate and with diminishing profit margins. Life is definitely getting tougher for construction firms in the UK, and next month’s impending Brexit deadline doesn’t make it any easier. Steve Menary reports [n.b. this article was written before Kier filed a pre-tax loss of £245m for the past year and data is correct as of August 2019.]

TCI Top 100 Construction Companies 2018

Carillion’s collapse at the beginning of this year left a gaping hole in the list of Top 100 construction firms. But while other companies have stepped in to fill the space at the top, damage further down the supply chain has been extensive. Steve Menary assesses the prospects for the sector and reviews the financial performance of the new Top 100.

Trouble at the top – the 2017 TCI Top 100

With red ink all over the balance sheets of the UK’s biggest construction groups, this year’s TCI Top 100 table does make for pretty reading. Will Mann reports on the latest financial performances of the industry’s major players.

Top 100 2016 – Who’s up and who’s down?

The construction recovery of the past two years is reflected in The Construction Index Top 100 league table for 2016, with revenue and profit up substantially across the board. But legacy ‘problem contracts’ are still hitting the bottom line for many contractors. Will Mann reports

Top 100 2015 – Who’s up and who’s down?

A year on from the confirmation of a sustained growth trend for UK construction activity, the mood has turned from rampant optimism to deep concern at the profitability of contractors. Recent months have seen a steady flow of bad news from the industry’s major players.

Analysis: Top 100 Contractors 2014

In our 2014 look at who’s up & who’s down among UK construction contractors, we find that Dawnus has the best profit margin, Geoffrey Osborne is the highest climber but Thomas Armstrong Group is financially the healthiest. Kier and Galliford Try, however, may need to take action.