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Mon December 04 2023

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Agreement signed for Dundee innovation park

31 May 19 An agreement is now in place for the construction of an innovation centre on the site of Dundee’s Michelin tyre plant once production ends next year.

The plan had been announced in late 2018 (link opens in new tab).

The Michelin-Scotland Innovation Parc will be created on the site of the factory at Baldovie in Dundee, partners in the scheme have pledged. An agreement has been signed to form a new company, Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP), to deliver the scheme. The focus for the development is on sustainable mobility and low-carbon energy.

The joint venture is a partnership between Michelin, Scottish Enterprise and Dundee City Council and signals a long-term commitment to Dundee and Scotland by Michelin, which is ceasing production of tyres at Baldovie next year.

Jérôme Monsaingeon, Michelin’s representative on the MSIP board, said: “On 17 December 2018, together with Scottish Enterprise and Dundee City Council, we pledged to move at pace to build a new future for our Dundee site. Today, by incorporating MSIP Ltd, we are taking a first concrete step in delivering against our shared ambitions of providing employment opportunities for our workforce, creating a flagship innovation centre in Dundee and placing Scotland at the forefront in the fight against climate change.

“Along with our partners, the Michelin Group is deeply committed to supporting the future development of the Michelin-Scotland Innovation Parc in the years to come.

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“Our workforce, through their support and professionalism, have played an extremely important role in ensuring we could set up MSIP Ltd. I would like to express my gratitude for their dedication in these challenging circumstances.”

The partners intend for the Michelin-Scotland Innovation Parc to become a leading global destination for innovation, attracting companies, research institutions and skilled people to address key global challenges in which Scotland has a competitive advantage.

Scottish Enterprise chief executive Steve Dunlop said: “The creation of the joint venture underlines the commitment made by Scottish Enterprise and our partners to create a long-term, sustainable future for the Baldovie plant that builds upon Michelin’s legacy of innovation and manufacturing excellence in Dundee.

“Together, we aim to create a centre of excellence in sustainable mobility and low-carbon energy that creates domestic economic opportunities while simultaneously addressing the challenges posed by the global climate crisis.”

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