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Sun May 19 2024

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AWE plans £900m infrastructure framework

22 Apr The Atomic Weapons Establishment wants to talk to suppliers about a £900m infrastructure framework that it has in the works.

AWE's Orion Laser Facility
AWE's Orion Laser Facility

AWE plc has published PLC a prior information notice (PIN) seeking interest from suppliers to take part in pre-market engagement activities for its planned infrastructure works.

AWE, the Atomic Weapons Establishment, is a Ministry of Defence research facility responsible for the design, manufacture and support of warheads for the UK's nuclear arsenal.

It has two complex infrastructure programmes:

• Future material campus (FMC) – focusing on the required investment to renew its manufacturing and storage capability for nuclear materials and increasing capability for material recovery.

• Future infrastructure programme (FIP) – focusing on delivering AWE's wider infrastructure needs in relation to new office accommodation, laboratories, testing facilities, site services and manufacturing facilities.

The PIN, which specifically relates to the FIP, explains that AWE is seeking interest from suppliers regarding the establishment of a potential 10-year framework arrangement for the provision of client-side professional services in support of its infrastructure programme.

It states: “The arrangement will create a client partnership to act effectively as a capable owner and trusted government partner to plan and design the investment portfolio, while providing the effective oversight to delivery partners (appointed via separate procurement exercise) for time, cost and quality.”

 The framework will include engineering, programme/project management and productivity enhancement services.

Suppliers interested in responding to the PIN will be required to undergo a security assessment.

AWE’s capital programme director is former Balfour Beatty chief executive Andrew McNaughton.

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