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Sun June 20 2021

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Bidders have to prove themselves to win in Qatar

7 Aug 13 Contractors competing for projects for 2022 FIFA World Cup have to prove themselves not only technically and organisationally, but also as genuine forces for the good in Qatar.

Those targeting government projects have to account for a number of variables as they contend for the approval of both international programme managers and the Qatari public, according to Moutaz Khayyat, CEO of Doha-based UrbaCon Trading & Contracting (UCC).

“In order to satisfy the government clients we have reinforced our commitment to best practice,” he said. “Many of the international programme managers on these projects are being exacting, and operating in line with standards that many contractors are simply not used to in the Gulf.”

These expectations apply to all communication, pre-qualifications and tender submissions; and on top of this, contractors face the challenge of creating a positive image of themselves in the minds of Qataris, he said.

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UCC managing director Ramez Khayyat said: “While many consider meeting international best practice to be unnecessary, we see it as being an essential part of our business model. Implementing an international benchmark of quality is not only important for Qatar’s development, but furthermore for our reputation as a main contractor.”

The key decision-makers can also be viewed as members of the Qatari public. A key to UCC’s strategy is therefore to increase awareness about the company. “We have to be involved in CSR [corporate social responsibility] and the newspapers and the media,” said deputy managing director for business development Dr. Basim Ibrahim Mohamad. “All factors play a significant role in developing our place in Qatar, however it will be the standards of our completed projects that will serve as our strongest PR.”

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