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Sat May 25 2024

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Chile boosts construction with 165 new tenders

11 Sep 20 The Chilean government is inviting bids for 165 projects as part of its plans to reactivate the economy and generate employment.

Ministers Alfredo Moreno and Felipe Ward launched the plan
Ministers Alfredo Moreno and Felipe Ward launched the plan

The programme is the second call for tenders as part of the government’s ‘step by step' plan for economic recovery. The new batch of 165 public tenders involves a total investment of almost US$400m (£310m).

Minister Alfredo Moreno explained that there are works, consultancies and services in all regions of the country to build new roads, water systems, parks and all kinds of works. The works are designed to “start to get the economy going and create what is the objective of this: employment, employment and employment.”

Minister of housing and urban planning, Felipe Ward said: “Families have had a bad time in recent months as a result of the pandemic, obviously there have been difficulties in finding work, 1.8 million people have lost their jobs and focus of this plan that President Sebastián Piñera has asked us to do is to create jobs now. The Ministry of Housing and Urbanism has an important mission, here we are launching 48 tenders, for a total of 122 between the first and second stages, with urban works throughout the country that will generate employment.”

The first major call for bids for works under the ‘Paso a Paso Chile se Recupera’ plan took place last month and involved the publication of 150 bids.

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