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Tue June 15 2021

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Coconuts offer eco-friendly wastewater treatment

5 May Coconuts have long proved a versatile drupe, not just as a foodstuff but for cosmetics, radio sound effects and comedy bikinis.

The filtration media is coconut husk matting
The filtration media is coconut husk matting

Peterlee-based Premier Tech Water & Environment has brought to the UK a wastewater treatment system that uses coconut husk as its filtration media instead of sand or synthetic material.

The Ecoflo Coco Filter is a proven system that has more than 100,000 installations already across the globe, Premier Tech says, but has not been used in the UK before.

Now it is available in the UK for those seeking to maximise their eco credentials.

Premier Tech points out that the filtration material is “100% natural, organic and renewable,” and although the coconut husk fragments are imported from Sri Lanka, they travel by sea, which is not so bad.

Ecoflo works with a non-mechanical tipping bucket that scatters wastewater across perforated distribution plates. Wastewater drips through these plates and falls across a filter made of coconut husk fragments, creating a physical treatment barrier that cleans the effluent. The filter water is then discharged into the environment.

Ian Wake, national sales director at Premier Tech Water & Environment, said: “The Ecoflo Coco Filter is a revolutionary wastewater treatment system that requires zero energy to improve the quality of wastewater effluent. Due to the nature of the coconut husk filtering medium, the all-natural product we create is not only renewable, but fully compostable after its years of treating wastewater are over.

“Combined with a lightweight, robust and compact design, Ecoflo provides a long lasting, sustainable, economical and environmentally friendly solution for years to come”.

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