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Sat July 13 2024

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Contractor avoids fine for worker death after going bust

24 Nov 11 A £60,000 fine imposed on a Antrim-based Drumdollagh Construction Company for the death of a worker in 2008 will not be paid because the firm has gone into liquidation. construction company.

Colin Glass, 53, died when his dumper truck tumbled down a steep slope on a site in Bushmills, Antrim.

Antrim Crown Court Judge Corinne Philpott, who imposed the fine, acknowledged it would not be paid, but said it was important to remind other companies to ensure the safety of their workforce.

The court heard there was a lack of safety measures on the site, in particular no edge warnings or protection on the steep bank.

A Health and Safety Executive investigation found that the truck was defective - a brake wasn't working, the clutch was faulty and a lap belt was missing.

Drumdollagh director had been served with three stop notices two years before the accident.

Former director Sean Christie pleaded guilty to three breaches of health and safety regulations.

Several other charges were "left on the books", including one of corporate mansalughter, because the company has since gone into liquidation after being caught up in the collapse of the property boom.

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