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Fri October 30 2020

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Conway trials cargo bikes

1 Oct Civil engineering contractor FM Conway is using a pair of e-cargo bikes to move materials around central London.

The bikes can transport a 250kg load on the front
The bikes can transport a 250kg load on the front

Each bike is fitted with an electric pedal assist motor and can carry up to 250kg on a cargo tray at the front.

FM Conway, which provides highway maintenance and other services to London councils, says that the rationale for using them is to reduce its carbon footprint. FM Conway has a goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2045. However, cyclists can often get across the capital more quickly than van drivers so there might be more immediate benefits.

The two bikes are being trialled on phase two of the Illuminated River project and in collaboration with Westminster City Council.

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Adam Barnes, a senior contract manager at FM Conway, said: “As a cyclist with average experience, I was initially a little bit hesitant to ride the cargo bike. With the prospect of having a delivery load added to the bike this only heightened my nervousness around the planned ride. However, any concerns I may have had were quickly reassured.

“As soon as I got on the bike to do some practice laps of our yard in Southwark, I immediately realised the ease of riding with the use of the electric assist motor. As to be expected, you must be aware of the slightly larger frame, but the handling and engineering of the bike make it very user friendly. The ride itself really demonstrated the flexibility and capability of the bikes in terms of use for general logistics within the construction industry.

“Being on the ride has really given me a better perspective for the use of cargo bikes from both the view of the rider and the operational potential within the industry. I am now more motivated than ever to incorporate their use into our site logistics model within central London and further investigate their use in site operations in other areas of the business.”

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