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Tue February 19 2019

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Daelim opens safety training centre

29 Jan South Korean construction company Daelim has opened a training centre that is set to teach 2,500 people a year how to work safely in risky situations.

The Safety Experience School, which began operations last week, has been built within the grounds of the Daelim Education & Research Institute in Yongin City, South Korea. The two-storey building has a total floor area of more than 1,170m2.

The Safety Experience School is made up 19 facilities for education and practical experience. Trainees can gain experience of various temporary structures and equipment used on construction sites. The school is equipped with equipment including excavators and cranes. Trainees can also gain experience in situations such as working height by using VR equipment.

Daelim has created VR content through which trainees can experience the top five riskiest works in construction sites: working in high places, lifting heavy materials, excavation, electrical work and putting out fires. The trainees can improve their capabilities to cope with a crisis through activities aimed at removing the risk factors, said the company.

In addition, trainees can learn about various falling and tripping situations that may occur in construction sites. Activities include practice in how to wear the safety equipment.

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Trainees can experience firefighting by practising behaviour in a fire accident including how to escape obstacles in a situation wherein vision is obstructed by thick smoke and power failure.

Daelim is starting with the training of new employees and plans to expand the programmes gradually to include site managers and head office employees and executives in addition to health and safety managers.

In addition to employees of Daelim and its affiliates, employees of construction site partner firms will participate in the training. Daelim plans to carry out education/training for 2,500 people in 82 sessions each year. The plan is for the school to be open to students and general public so that it can be a space for citizens to improve their ability to cope with accidents and nurture safety awareness.

“We have opened a Safety Experience School to have trainees experience emergency situations and practice measures to cope with such situations, veering away from the existing theory-focused education,” said Daelim Safety & Quality Office managing director Pi Gwang-hee. “We will endeavor to establish a safety culture wherein the entire Daelim Group and partner firms’ employees recognize risks in advance and execute systematized safety activities.”


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