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Mon July 22 2024

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Germany’s first 3D-printed house opens

28 Jul 21 Peri has used 3D-printing to create a house that is now ready for occupancy.

The head of the Peri team involved in the project said that the successful completion underlines that 3D printing technology is ready for the market.

The single-family house in Beckum, North Rhine-Westphalia, was printed by Peri using a Cobod BOD2 printer. It was officially opened in by Ina Scharrenbach, North Rhine-Westphalia’s minister for home, municipal affairs, construction and equality. The state of North Rhine-Westphalia subsidised the project as part of its ‘Innovative Building’ funding programme.

"The three Ds - digital, dynamic, print-ready - have been implemented in Beckum,” said Scharrenbach. “With the first 3D-printed residential building in Germany, positive pressure is being generated in the construction industry: for innovative construction with new technologies, for greater attractiveness in construction professions and for modern architecture with new styles. Now we need to gain experience with the building and establish the manufacturing process on the market, because only more housing provides affordable rents. The pressure must not let up to constantly give new impetus to all those working in the construction industry with new projects.”

Peri Group board member innovation & marketing Thomas Imbacher said: “Together with our Danish technology partner Cobod, the Peri team has shown that 3D concrete printing technology is ready for the market. The project in Beckum is a milestone that has set many things in motion in the industry. Peri has since printed the largest apartment building in Europe in Wallenhausen and the first residential building in Tempe (Arizona) in the USA. Much of what we learned in Beckum has been incorporated into these projects. The house in Beckum was the first of its kind and for Peri and all involved, this project will always remain something very special."

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The building was designed by Mense-Korte Ingenieure & Architekten. “With the printed building in Beckum, we have very successfully demonstrated what is possible when people come together who believe unwaveringly in something and are prepared to do pioneering work for it, with all its ups and downs,” said Waldemar Korte. “Building and planning as we have known it for centuries will change fundamentally in many areas and we are grateful to have made a decisive contribution to this with our printed house.”

Printing started in Beckum on 17th September 2020, and the Peri 3D construction printing team used a Cobod BOD2 concrete printer for the printing. The printing technology comes from the Danish manufacturer Cobod; Peri acquired a stake in Cobod in 2018.

As printing material, Peri used the printing mortar ‘ 3D’ from HeidelbergCement and the mixing technology came from M-Tec Mathis Technik. Engineering office Schießl Gehlen Sodeikat provided support in the preparation of the approval. The planning and execution of the corresponding approval tests were carried out by the Centrum Baustoffe München of the Technical University of Munich.

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