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Thu June 13 2024

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ISO standard for escalators

26 Oct 11 A new International Standard has been published for the design and construction of escalators and moving walkways.

ISO technical report ISO/TS 25740-1:2011, Safety requirements for escalators and moving walks – Part 1: Global essential safety requirements (GESR), specifies safety requirements for escalators and moving walks, the components and functions, and provides methods for minimising safety risks that might arise in the course of the operation and use of, or work on, escalators and moving walkways.

The aim of the standard is to define a common global level of safety for all people using, or associated with, escalators and moving walkways, and to provide a uniform process for assessing their safety.

According to the International Standards Organisation (ISO), the requirements will help:

  • Developers of safety or safety-related standards for escalators and moving walkways
  • Designers of escalators and moving walks, manufacturers and installers, and maintenance and service organizations
  • Independent third-party conformity assessment bodies
  • Inspection and testing bodies and similar organisations.

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