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Fri May 07 2021

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Leeds striker scotches JCB myth

28 Apr Leeds United striker Patrick Bamford has laid to rest the myth that he is part of the JCB digger family.

Patrick Bamford - plenty of goals but no diggers
Patrick Bamford - plenty of goals but no diggers

In an appearance on That Peter Crouch Podcast this week, Patrick Bamford denied that he was related to Lord Bamford, the owner of JCB.

Peter Crouch asked him: “I keep hearing this and I don’t know if it’s true or not. Patrick, can you clear this up: Your family is JCB.”

Patrick Bamford replied, laughing: “No.”

“Well where has this come from then?” Crouchy asks.

“I don’t know. Because the B in JCB stands for Bamford… someone picked it up one time and said, it’s your dad, isn’t it. And all of a sudden it spread like wildfire.

"And I remember, when we got promoted, we had a little do in the hotel. Even the assistant – he’s left now – the assistant under Marcelo [Bielsa, the Leeds manager] he's like, ’honestly, I am so happy for the way that you work, especially with how rich you dad is and where he’s from’. And I was thinking ‘What? My dad’s from Newark. What are you on about?’

"I am sure that, like, they are distantly related somewhere down the line but… then it just kind of spread and everyone seemed to think that I owned these diggers.”

So it’s not true, folks. He may be privately educated and pushing for a place in the England team, but Patrick Bamford is not part of the JCB family.

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